Olá and welcome! My name is


I am a Digital Marketer, Multimedia Designer
and Project Manager based in Portugal.

Also, a diversity activist in the making.


I am an engineer / designer / marketer hybrid with a special interest in medicine and sustainability — some might call people like me polymaths.
I also dedicate some of my time promoting a more inclusive and diverse society, especially in tech.

Ten years ago, I started as an Industrial Engineer developing lean projects at Bosch. I've always loved math and engineering related work, but with time I realised that my creative side needed to come out more often and play.

I began doing branding work on top of lean projects for my clients, and in 2011 everything changed when I participated in a couple startup competitions: I had found "home". After that, if I wasn't working in startups, I was organizing tech events, like Startup Weekends.

A year later I organized the first programming workshop for women in Portugal: Rails Girls Porto 2013. I had no idea how important this would be for me. Since then I have been promoting diversity initiatives among Geekettes, RGSoC and many other organizations.

As I was organizing all those events and managing communities online, I naturally converged into digital marketing: I could finally mix all of the things that I loved in one place! And this is how I ended up in social media and worked with organizations like Landing Jobs, Change !t or RGSoC.

Funny things about me: I am a fan of Saint Seya and X-Men since I was a child; before I was accepted in Engineering, I got in two other colleges to major in Architecture and Microbiome and Genetics Biology; I have two cats, Mia Sofia Pinho and Tiago Miguel Pinho; and I love ice cream.


I am currently looking for a job in social media, customer support or operations. Aditionally, I'm accepting freelance projects.
I have a soft spot for tech related companies, especially if their products or services focus on areas like diversity, health, well-being and sustainability.


Rails Girls Summer of Code
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#community #operations #support #projects #events #pr #marketing #design #webdesign #video
Change !t
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Bosch Termotecnologia Portugal
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Work is love. For me, it's incredibly motivating to think about how we as human beings can make this world a better place through our work. And that's love.

Having multiple interests and backgrounds only strenghtens my work, not the other way around. Looking at each project from different perspectives brings innovation.

Inclusive and "people's first" teams are the awesomest! Culture reflects on everything an organization does, from the product to the communication. And I'll do my best to contribute positively to that culture.

My work will never be perfect but I do care about the details. Every work is a craft if we approach it with the right attitude.

I will figure things out. I am not afraid of admitting that I don't know how to do something. More than anything I believe in honesty.

Be respectful of people's time and attention. Being loud isn't the best way for people to notice you exist. Providing value is. This is a great attitude to have in life, but also particularly important in marketing.


I remember being at a coffee shop in Lisbon with a friend when he talked about Rails Girls and programming workshops for womxn. Long story short, I knew I had to bring those workshops to Portugal and in March of 2013, the first Rails Girls workshop ever organized in this country happened in Porto.

Rails Girls Porto 2013 Friday Night Hug.

Moderating the Global Geekettes Meetup Panel during Web Summit Lisbon 2016.

Friday Afternoon Hug with RGSoC's team and alumna.

Geekettes interview for National Portuguese TV station RTP1.

There are no words to describe the happiness and excitement when we gather women in events around science and technology. I feel privileged to be able to welcome women and other minorities to tech, a place that has always been theirs, but for many many reasons it might seem like they don't belong there.

The United Nations estimates that we need 170 years to reach "gender parity". We really can't wait that long because just like Neil deGrasse Tyson says, "Science and Tecnology are the engines of the economy of the future", and last time I checked, technology is evolving exponentially, so we need to get going if we want to build the future society of the future that is both diverse and inclusive for all of its citizens.

I am available for writing articles and talks about diversity, inclusion, intersectionality, privilege and empathy.
If you would like to invite me to speak or have any other questions, feel free to send an email to hello@anasofiapinho.com.


Do you want to work with me? New ideas or projects about diversity?
An event you would like me to speak at?

I'd love to hear from you! Just send an email to hello@anasofiapinho.com or reach me on twitter @anasofiapinho.